It Just don’t make no sense Blessings – Laid off job, blessed with new job

Greetings Apostle in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, This is one of my many testimonies how G-d has really showed up in my life. I was displaced from my job of 34 years in 2012, the first day out of work all sorts of feelings came over me the main one was rejection. Thinking at my age would I be able to get a decent job. I have always had a job and loved working. I am not the type to stay out of work just because. Staying at home is ok but not having money for gas to get to church, money to pay tithes to help ministry or to pay my obligations – is depressing. During this time, you were teaching on rejection and disappointments, speaking on a topic that hit home for me. Reminding me of the topic Apostle spoke on years ago, Help Lord It’s Bigger Than Me! Not wanting to tell people how I really felt or exactly what I was going through because I didn’t believe that they would understand but God saw fit to meet my needs during this time. (Don’t let the clothes fool you) I made it to church anyway I could, asking if I could ride with some and when I had gas, asking them if they wanted to ride with me. I was going to church! I also went back to school, reluctantly like Apostle Emma suggested, to brush up on my computer skills, surprised myself with some pretty good grades.

I signed up with a temp agency, they sent me to one job for a couple of weeks and that same company would call me back from time to time, so I thought that they were going to hire me. But no, the temp agency sent me on several interviews to places where I just knew I could do the job but the odds looked like they were against me. The entire office as filled with Caucasians, didn’t get the job, rejected again. I went home and I talked to G-d and I said Lord you know I want to work, you know I was not a lazy person, I am leaving this in your hands whatever your will for me to do. A month went by before I got another call from the temp agency, they sent me on another interview, this time the two people that interviewed me told me that they would give me a try but they would only need me two days in the middle of the month. I said to myself, do they think I am going to sit at home and wait for them to use me four days out of the month. I told them ok; because I am a firm believer that a person’s gift will make room for them. Just let me get my foot in the door. I started at the end of May 2015 and I have worked five days a week up to now. I was hired a permanent employee January 2016 in an office where I am the only African American and only African American woman in the company. Now that Just Don’t Make No Sense!! I give all Glory to G-d; because He opened that door for me. Apostle Emma keep preaching and teaching obedience, somebody is listening.


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