My daughter – Healed

April 10, 2016

Greetings Apostle!
I just want to share this praise report of how good G-d is. On April 1, my daughter was playing on the playground at camp. According to her, she was trying to do a flip on “the bars” and fell. She landed on what she said was a wooden and metal rail. When she landed, she hit her nose on the metal part of the rail. The fall caused her to have major swelling around her nose and eyes which changed her entire appearance. Although I was worried and upset, she managed to keep a smile on her face as if nothing had happened. She’d tell me, “I can still breathe Mommy”.

We took her to the doctor and thankfully there were no broken or fractured bones, just swelling which was a result of the fall and some congestion that she was already having. On April 3, during Morning Dew service, she went up to praise God with the other youth. You (Apostle) called her up to look at her face, rubbed her face and prayed for her. The spirit was so high during this service and I just knew that G-d had touched and healed my daughter’s face. After service, one of the other sisters and I were talking and she looked at my daughter and noticed that the swelling had gone down since the beginning of the service. I looked at her and the swelling had gone down to the point where her eyes were a little brighter than before. We started praising G-d right there.

On Monday morning, I noticed that the swelling wasn’t as bad as the other mornings. My husband noticed it was getting better as well. As of Tuesday, April 5, the swelling was completely gone. Her original appearance had returned and there is only a small bruise under her eye. TO G-D BE THE GLORY! I thank G-d and I thank you, Apostle, for the teaching; because if it wasn’t for the teaching, I wouldn’t know to anoint my child’s face every night and morning, my child wouldn’t be the praiser that she is today, and I wouldn’t recognize G-d’s moving and healing of my daughter. I know G-d healed and touched my daughter during the service that day while she was giving Him praise. I give G-d all the glory and all the praise because it could have been worse. She could be laying in a hospital bed right now, BUT G-D!


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