A second chance at life – Healed

To G-d Be the Glory. I would like to thank G-d for this opportunity. I would like to thank my KEM family for their love and continued prayers as G-d continues to bring me out. And to the Compassionate Care teams; the love that you have shown me is out of this world phenomenal. To the world Greatest Pastor: words cannot describe how grateful I am for being under your leadership.

On April 28, 2014, I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure. I was devastated, afraid and felt alone. While I was in the hospital, one of the many prophesies I received was you will not look like what you are going through, she also told me G-d would bless me for my faithfulness. As G-d allowed Apostle Emma to prophesy I felt, strengthen and encouraged. G-d knew I would need it, to move forward. I was told I would have to start on dialysis and I had to decide which way I wanted to receive the treatments. I could have a graft put in my arm or I could do it at home (having a tekoff-cather put in my stomach). I couldn’t get the graft because my veins are too small, so I chose to receive the treatments at home. I began to do the treatments and G-d blessed me to not get an infection, which would have caused hospitalization. The time a patient had to stay on the cycler (machine that cleanse your system) is 9 or more hours each night. I asked the nurse if there has ever been a patient who was on the cycler less than 9 hours, she answered no. I told her I will be the first. Before it ended I was on it for 7 hours. At the time this was how far my faith would let me see and as time went on my faith grew.

In February 2015 the car I had begun to put me down here and there. The transmission was going out, and the air conditioner stopped working. I didn’t want a car payment, but I had no choice. By this time, I had been out of work for almost a year and on a fixed income. To make a long story short G-d allowed me to get a new car with no money down and little did I know it was a setup.

On May 03 2015, I was spending time with my mom, made us dinner b/c I didn’t have money for a gift, due to mother’s day that Sunday. Little did I know that was a setup as well. After I returned from taking my mom home, I had a message telling me I could possibly receive a kidney if the three people in front of me were not a good match. We are told when the call comes you are to respond back asap or it could be given to the next person after you. I was afraid I had missed out; due to some hours passing since the nurse had called. I was excited because that kidney could have my name on it but disappointed that someone else would be a better match. I notified my parents and told the church so the effect prayer team could kick into gear. That is why I love my church and a praying church at that. She called me back on that Wednesday and instructed me to go down and have blood work done on Thursday. I received a call just as I was leaving telling me to be prepared to go, because the number had drop down to two people in front of me. I asked if it was okay for me to go out of town. It really didn’t hit me; I had to tell myself, girl you about to get a kidney why did you ask her that. She told me, I wouldn’t trust it try to stay around town. After the blood work on Thursday, I got home and began to get my little bag together and started to do some things around the house. That same day about two in the evening I got the call telling me to come down to the hospital. I hadn’t been home for two hours and I was running out the house calling my mom and dad, telling them where I was headed and they met me down there. I high- tailed that car back there so fast, I thought I was flying. I was crying praising G-d and I don’t remember the ride down too much but it was like I never left that day.

On May 07,2015 I received a second chance at life. The kidney I received was one of the best ones the doctors had seen in a while. That kind of surgery normally takes anywhere from three to four hours but mine only took a little over two hours. Later I found out my blood had something different about it, which caused them to choose me. They didn’t know it but I know it was the anointing of G-d. I came out of the surgery with all A’s. As I begin to heal, G-d helped me to see beyond the pain and move forward anyway. I felt like I weighed four tons but I pushed through and did as I was instructed. Every nurse and doctor that I came in contact with, He gave me favor. It will be a year in about 18 days and I am still in the process of healing. I continue to learn: not to take life for granted because you can be here today and gone tomorrow. I was given a chance to thank the doctors in person during a symposium along with a card. They acted as if I gave them a million dollars.

Psalm 27:10 – When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. Verse 13, I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. This is by no means a reflection on my family they are still continuing to help me. There are some places you will have to walk alone, but in the mist of it all He will take you up in His pavilion (a place in Him designed exclusively for you) give you hinds feet to climb the mountain, strengthen you, hide you while He heals you, then present you back into the world as living testimony. Showing the world Jesus is a alive and He is still working Miracles.

When you are in a dark dry place, and don’t know what to do, Zebauch Towadah Him. A sacrifice of thanksgiving, a sacrifice of praise, and most of all, trust in the Lord. I give G-d all the Glory. Please know that no matter what you have to contend with; what you are going through, G-d will never leave you nor forsake you, He will be there just as He promised. Please consider being an organ donor, it will change someone’s life. G-d Bless You






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