The Power of Prayer

Dear Apostle Emma Dickens,

We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We would like to share a testament of God’s grace and mercy and the power of prayer. Our family member which is the youngest son of one of the Mother’s, the nephew of a Prophetess, the brother of a Minister and the father of a Deacon at K.E.M. was involved in a fatal crash accident.

If not for the prayers that have been set forth, the circumstances could have been very different.  He had just refueled before the accident and lost over 300 gallons of fuel, but there was no explosion or fire in the accident.  Despite a deeper ravine being on the other side of the highway, God steered the tractor-trailer in another direction.  We thank you for promoting the spirit of intercession in your ministry and seeking God on behalf of our family.

It was truly His hands that allowed our family member to walk away from this accident unscathed.  God has shown Himself mighty once again!


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