Two Miracles in One Day

Greetings Apostle Emma,

God bless you.  I thank and praise God for you and for the anointing that rest upon your life.  Sunday morning Resurrection service you said, “You were expecting more praise reports to come”.  This was during the dropping of the ‘MOAB’ bomb, when the Holy spirit fell like never before you said, “DON’T MISS IT”.  So, I did not miss it.  Also, on Tuesday night you came back with “start writing your praise report”.  I immediately started writing mine.  You also said, “Miracles were coming down” and I pulled them all down.  I had been fasting and praying that God would send me a job so I can give my pledge at church as well as help my mom out.

On Monday, April 17th, I had my first interview for the job.  The song that kept playing in my head was “This Morning When I Rose yeah, I didn’t have no doubt”. I know the Lord would provide for me. So, using the tools given from your teachings, I dressed professional as well as looked them straight in the eyes speaking with confidence.  By the end of the interview the manager told me he like how professional I was while he was talking to me.  He called me in for a second interview on Tuesday the next day.  Both interviews went great! I walked out feeling confident and trusting God.  That night in B.E.T., I gave God a praise on credit.

I received a call on Thursday, April 20 saying I was hired. All I could do was look up and smile because He did it again! Also, on the same day, God blessed me with a car; you prophesied in B.E.T. that someone would be getting a car.  Not only did God give me a job but He provided me with the transportation to get there. Two miracles in one day, you truly can’t beat God’s given.  I thank God for using you to feed His sheep the TRUTHWON’T HE DO IT? To God Be the Glory for all He has done!  With much love!


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