Miracle – Wiped Debt Clean

Greetings Apostle Emma,

I thank and praise God for you and all your teachings. I thank God for the anointing he placed on your life.  I thank you for allowing Him to use you the way that He does, because He gets all the Glory.  I went to the bank to apply for a debt consolidation because I am in the process of cleaning up my credit. I walked in believing God for one thing, but God worked even a greater miracle.

As the loan officer was going over my information, I was asking God to have His way and that His will be done in this.  This was the second time I applied for this loan. It was the same bank but two different locations. The first time it was denied.  I remember the word that came “Delayed but not denied”, so I did not get discouraged.  The loan officer looked at me and said there is no debt I this amount on your credit.  She checked it again and still didn’t find anything.  She said excuse me, I want to get someone else to check behind me.  About five minutes later she returned and stated that they didn’t see anything either.  I just give God the honor and glory for the miracle He has given me!  With much love!


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