God Did It!

God Bless you Apostle, thank you for allowing the Lord to use and direct you in your Apostolic Teaching.  On May 16th, at the end of your teaching on a Study of Revelation.  You instructed the church and said, “If you want to make the devil mad, testify to five people you don’t know on tomorrow and let them know that God did it”

Well when I arrived to work on that Wednesday morning, two ladies were at the door talking that I was use to seeing but I did not know them. I said well, I will kill two birds with one stone.  When I came through the door I looked and pointed at them and said God Did It! They both smiled and became excited.  One said this is confirmation of what my Pastor was just preaching about on Sunday.  She talked to me about the service and God’s goodness.  I had to clock I so by the time I clocked in, I met the other lady around the corner, she was on her way to her classroom and she started talking about prayer being removed from school.  When she finished talking, I explained to her about the prayer circle that I conduct every Monday morning and I invited her to join us. She said that she would.

By the end of the workday I had only done three people and I said to myself the prophet said five and it’s a blessing to more than five.  I said I am not going home until I find me three more people and so I found three more people which totals six people to let them know God Did It! Because of obedience to the Prophet, on this pass Monday morning another person was joined to our prayer circle.  GOD DID IT!!


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