Welcome to the Kingdom Empowerment Ministries’ Sermon Archive. This is the place where you can preview sermons from our very own leader, Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens.

Being Victorious

Apostle Dickens is teaching that Yahweh is bigger than even our largest issues. Again, as long as we are focused on Him and remain faithful and focused, we can emerge from our storms untouched. Continue to press through your storms knowing that “He has overpowered what is overpowering you.”

Real Deliverance

Apostle Dickens is continuing to share the importance of real deliverance. KEM is a ministry dedicated to changing lives through being genuine with Yahweh and yielding to His voice. In return, Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens delivers an authentic, unaltered word to help the people find a core deliverance from major life issues. Real word provides […]

Stay in the Fight!

Hello people of purpose! Apostle Dickens is training warriors. She knows and understands the circumstances that can occur in life, but encourages each person to continue to fight. Our enemy is unseen and has strategic attacks planned, including using those closest to us, but we are designed to be more than conquerors. Even when you […]

Keeping Your Focus

Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens recently covered the Book of Matthew, chapter 14, where Jesus instructs Peter to test his faith. Peter was capable of walking on water until he lost his focus. After being distracted, Peter began to sink, but Jesus caught him. This lesson is a reminder that with faith and focus, we can […]