It just don’t make no sense Blessings – Free Expense Paid Trip

Holy Greetings Apostle,

First, we would like to give all praises and thanks to God for you and your leadership, love, sacrifices and powerful preaching and teachings you have given to us. We have grown in every area of our lives as a result of our teachings and we are forever grateful.

You declared for this year that we would experience ‘It Just Don’t Make No Sense’ blessings. Well, our family has been blessed with a FREE, all-expense paid 7 day trip to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The person who is blessing us with the trip said that our family has been a blessing to her family ever since her mom died. Apostle, you are always teaching us that we are blessed to be a blessing and that we should not be living just for ourselves and our own family. As a result of obeying the Word, we were tremendously blessed. This is truly a testimony of a ‘IT JUST DON’T MAKE NO SENSE’ blessing.


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