One more Praise

Greetings  Apostle,

In 2013, I went back to school and received my Associates degree after many years of starting and stopping. I was so thrilled I at least now had a degree (if even if it was a 2 year). But after the celebration was over, a still small voice said to me, “But that’s not what you asked God for. You asked Him to help you finish what you had first started”.  You see, I was ready to settle and be content with just this accomplishment. But that’s exactly what He was saying, so in 2015, I enrolled at NC Wesleyan College in pursuit of my Bachelors not understanding why (besides the fact that that’s what I had asked God for) until you recently preached a message on “You quit too soon: your blessing was on the way”.

As I began this journey, like so many times before, life tried to get in the way to distract me (had a loved one’s health start to deteriorate quickly, had to have major surgery in 2016, and a new spiritual journey was beginning) but I kept pushing. I really want to say, “thank you” Apostle for the counseling you gave me when I was torn between taking some time off from school or continuing because of new obligations that I had been given. That extra push is exactly what I needed. I realize now that had I quit too soon, I would not have experienced the ultimate trinity of GOD (His Grace, Mercy, and Unmerited Favor).  As I walked across the stage on April 29th, receiving my Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration with honors, I dedicated it right back to God and asked Him, “Now what do YOU want me to do with this? You didn’t take me through this just for me. How can I use my degree to bring You glory and be a blessing to the Kingdom of God?”

I pray this testimony is an encouragement for that person, who like me, started but then life happened and you think you can’t start over: you can begin again; and to the person who has started but feel like you can’t see no end in sight:  don’t quit too soon and finally to the person who may think that they’re too old to even begin: it ain’t over til God says it’s over. My journey has now come full circle. A dream deferred is now a reality: from 1986 to 2017: 31 years later: Delayed But Not Denied! To God Be ALL the Glory, I Got ONE more Praise!  Humbly submitted


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