Believe & Faith – I got the job!

Greetings Apostle, on 2nd Sunday you talked about doing certain things and having faith.  You shared the story of how you once told your Pastor to pray for you because you were going to try for your license.  He said to you, he wasn’t going to pray because you were going to “try” to get them.  He then told you to say, you were going to get your license.  I always listen and take heed to your word.  I had been praying and trusting God to come through for me I told my mom to take me job hunting. She told me to be dressed professional when she got home and off we went.

The first place I went to they told me to come back in May when they start hiring school students for the summer.  I said okay and thank you and on we went to the next one.  I told my mom, take me here so I can get this job.  We went inside and I asked for the manager and asked if they were hiring. They gave me an application to fill out.  When I finished filling out the application, she said let’s go and talk. She discussed with me the hours and what the company could offer me. She asked if I went to church on Sunday’s, I responded with yes I do.  She then went on to tell me what I would be doing, and asked for my personal information (id, etc.).  She then said you have orientation next week.  She said when you go there, the same way you talked to me and looked me in the face, you do the same there.  I said okay and thank you.

Tell me, ain’t God good?  To God Be All the Glory!! Thank you Apostle for the teachings and the instructions!  God did it again!  God bless and I love you!


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