Healing, Deliverance Miracle

I want to Thank God for the Gathering of the Prayer Warriors in March 2018. I thank God for a leader who will allow the Holy Ghost to use her and have His way, one who will hasten to the voice of the Almighty G-d. People are looking for the real deal and it’s time out for fakers because they distract the ones who have a desire to meet Him in peace.

On Wednesday night you spoke about having a gun that wasn’t loaded and using your weapon that we were given: and how binding and loosing still works and is still in operation but we must take Him at His word and use the Word. I had been experiencing some type of pain in my lower abdominal area and it was a dull nagging pain; but it got to be a distraction. The enemy tried to convince me it may be something cancerous or something serious that I would have to hospitalized. Thoughts would come like, well you know cancer is in your family or you got to die from something. During the teaching about binding and loosing and the Power of One and the Power of Agreement, I came to the conclusion that this is only a test.
I began to decree and declare in the name of Jesus that this pain that I am experiencing is only to bring about fear in me which is false evidence appearing real coming from the father of lies. I said Lord I am in total agreement with the Word that this pain will leave and never return. It is not cancerous and not life threatening.

After we were served communion, I didn’t notice the pain had left until I got home later that night and I said, Lord you took away that pain and left no evidence of it ever happening. I am so Thankful to be in the midst of a place where healing, deliverance and miracles still take place. Thank you Apostle for confirming the Fact that JESUS is real and He is still in the Healing, Deliverance and Miracle working business. To God Be the Glory, Shalom, Shalom!



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