Soul Winner’s Crown

I want to share a testimony of how awesome the youth leaders are here at KEM. The youth leader for GWAP went above and beyond to assist my students and I at school. I had advised him of a male student in my class that had gone astray and asked for advice on how to handle it. He not only offered tips, but also volunteered to come out to observe the student to try and encourage him. When he showed up to the classroom it was obvious that he made an impression on the young man because while he was there he did not misbehave. After observing, the Youth Leader was able to speak with two of my male students and he has since been asking his dad to let him come to church. He also offered to give my students a pizza party if they improved on their behavior as a class. Because of his promise the class received 5 good behavior rewards that week from each enhancement teacher, which had never happened in the past. The students continued to improve on their behavior throughout the year. The Youth leader’s zeal for souls caused my student to start going to church with his mom and he was using it as a weapon against the devil when others presented demonic things to him at school. My class did receive the pizza party and the Youth Leader personally delivered them to the students even though he had a prior engagement scheduled. He displayed great character and he is a prime example of how to go after the Soul Winner’s Crown.



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