No Place Like Home

One Sunday service in Henderson Apostle called a prayer line and asked that I come up. Apostle told me that within two years I would have my own home. It wasn’t even a whole year coming to the services and Yahweh blessed us with our first home on 5 acres of land. This was big enough for the kids to play around in the yard and be safe. This home was a lease to own. Upon us moving into the home someone had broken into the home and stole all of the wiring out of the home. We were really disappointed but we didn’t give up! So a week later when me and my husband were looking for a new place and we met a man leaving out of a home that we were thinking about getting. The man told us that he had a house on 50 acres of land with a pond. I was like wow! So we went to look at the home and Yahweh worked it out once again. We are now in our own home. Yahweh gets all the Glory!!


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