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Supernatural Employment

One Sunday Apostle Emma Dickens spoke that Yahweh was going to perform miracles and open a door, well He did! For quite sometime now I have been without employment and often times I wanted to give and couldn’t and it hurt. One Tuesday night at Biblical Empowerment Training, I experienced the supernatural power of Yahweh. […]

Debt Cancellation

I was dealing with a substantial debt that I wanted to clear my name from. I had been praying about it and asking God to make a way. Well, Apostle Emma Dickens spoke a word in service about two weeks ago at the American Legion and I grabbed hold onto that word. The word that […]

Super Natural Healing

On, November 8, 2016, my daughter was admitted in the hospital, the left side of her body went numb from her shoulder to her feet. She had to use her right hand to pick up the left hand. She had to depend on her right side of her body to drag the left side. The […]

No Place Like Home

One Sunday service in Henderson Apostle called a prayer line and asked that I come up. Apostle told me that within two years I would have my own home. It wasn’t even a whole year coming to the services and Yahweh blessed us with our first home on 5 acres of land. This was big […]

Don’t Make Sense

On  Tuesday,May 10th, I found out that I needed to have some repair work done on my car before coming to Biblical Empowerment Training, and that it was kind of expensive. This was an extra expense that “I” just could not afford to pay right now. On Wednesday, I found out that I should not […]

The Opposite

The testimony of the Opposite Anointing. I must first start at the beginning. March 2015, Apostle Emma Dickens, called me out in the Sunday Service at the American Legion in Greenville, and on this day about 5 of my co-workers visited the service with us. Apostle spoke to me and told me, the Locust had […]


One Sunday in June, Apostle Emma Dickens, asked me what the Fruit of The Spirit was. I answered Goodness, and then she asked me what was the meaning of Goodness? I could barely answer, because I didn’t know. Now that I have done my research, not only can I tell you what it means, but […]