These Things Will Be Added

One Wednesday my mom and I began to apply for college loans. Seeing how much the expenses were I began to think that I might not go. My mom said Yahweh wants us to praise Him, so we danced unto Him in our living room. At a service in Greenville at The Hilton, Apostle Emma Dickens made an altar call for anyone who needed prayer. Allowing negative thoughts to enter my mind I missed the first call. The last call she made was for anybody who desired covering, I couldn’t miss this one. I was the only one in line, but I didn’t let that discourage me. When I got in line she asked what I wanted prayer for, and I told her I needed covering for when I leave for college. Later that day at the second service in Henderson, she spoke about Zacchaeus, and how he positioned himself to see Jesus. The lesson was stop letting people block you from seeing Jesus. Instead of having fear, I had faith that Yahweh would turn things around. Apostle also said in Henderson that somebody on her left would receive an unexpected financial letter in the mail. I began to give Yahweh the most high praise, as I received the prophecy. A week later a letter from my college came in the mail informing me of an increase to my scholarship. I received an additional $4,000 per yer plus an opportunity to receive more when I retake and make higher scores on the SAT and/or ACT test. Can a righteous person with the favor of Yahweh on their life hold on to their faith in Yahweh? YES THEY CAN!!!


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