The Opposite

The testimony of the Opposite Anointing. I must first start at the beginning. March 2015, Apostle Emma Dickens, called me out in the Sunday Service at the American Legion in Greenville, and on this day about 5 of my co-workers visited the service with us. Apostle spoke to me and told me, the Locust had been stopped, and, that I needed to stay in the job of custodian I was in until Yahweh himself releases me. She also told me I was not just a custodian sweeping out dirt but spirits were being swept out and Yahweh was covering some people because of my presence. Apostle then told me that I won’t be able to leave until everyone that I was there for was out. Well immediately that Monday I started anointing walls doorways classrooms everything I could find. I would go out in the parking lot and anoint the buses, I had keys to everything I anointed the principals offices, the chairs, desk, teachers you name in I anointed it. Well that April one of the teachers that came to that particular service was moved to another school I thought to myself it’s beginning. Soon after that another co-worker that was there with me was moved. Then Apostle spoke on Job and how Yahweh asked satan had he considered his servant Job. But the day she spoke on the Opposite anointing I knew that something had broken. Two weeks before the message of the Opposite was spoken in I heard another word in Scotland Neck, I heard her say, don’t pray the problem but Praise with your prayer and I did every time I would get frustrated at work I would go in my custodial closet and praise Yahweh, in the stairs and praise Yahweh, outside behind the trash dump and praise Yahweh. Soon I was told that I was being watched by my Assistant Superintendent, and that a job was coming open and that I needed to apply for. I looked at the job she told me to apply for and I said to myself “I don’t have the qualification of the 2 year degree they are asking for. Then the message of the opposite came, that instead of doing what was expected, that Yahweh was going to do an Opposite Blessing , that we weren’t brought but blessed and some things were going to be reversed and flipped upside down. I followed through and applied for the job, and I was emailed before the interview was scheduled and was told that our only concern with interviewing you is that you are “OVER QUALIFIED” for this job. I went in the interview and believed Yahweh and now I am a product of the Opposite Anointing. Yahweh took a two year ½ custodian and made him a Teacher Assistant. From the Mop to the Laptop, now that’s the Power of the Opposite.


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