Don’t Make Sense

On  Tuesday,May 10th, I found out that I needed to have some repair work done on my car before coming to Biblical Empowerment Training, and that it was kind of expensive. This was an extra expense that “I” just could not afford to pay right now. On Wednesday, I found out that I should not even be driving the car because the wheel could lock up on it at anytime. I first thought how am I going to pay for this but then the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance from one Tuesday Night when the Prophet, Apostle Emma Dickens, spoke that “He Can’t Steal What God Has Sealed.” I took that for every aspect of my life. I praised Yahweh, and gave that issue to Him and said I need you to come through for me AGAIN!
Long story short, on Thursday,May 12th, I found a check for over $750 in my garage that had been in there since the beginning of March, “ My Reserved Blessings” Jehovah Rapha provided what I needed and some……I know it just don’t make no sense.


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