Advancing To My Turn Around

First I would like to thank Yeshua for every word that Apostle Emma Dickens has spoken in  my life. We have been in the book of Job and she said that by the time we get to the last chapter of Job, we will begin to see our Turn Around. However when we got into the 42nd Chapter of Job, Yeshua began to lead Aposlte Emma Dickens to speak about “The Power of Agreement”. With that being said, on December 13th, 2017, words cannot even describe what Yeshua did. Yeshua himself showed up and showed out. Aposlte Emma Dickens informed my wife and I that Yeshua was going to turn some things around and He did just that. We called to settle a debt of $10,000 and Yeshua had already turned that around. The lady informed us that the debt was paid in full and I was thinking that maybe my account was mixed up with another person’s account. So we went to confirm that this was my account by stating my name, social security number, address, date of birth. Well it definitely was my account. This was the biggest debt that we had and Yeshua cleared it. $10,000 just wiped clean. To Yeshua Be All The Glory!!! We are surely advancing to our turn around and my wife and I are agreeing that Yeshua is going to perform every promise that he has spoken, not only for us, but for the Kingdom as well. Yeshua gets all the praise. Apostle Emma Dickens, continue to feed me everything that Yeshua is feeding you so that I will continue to take in every nutrient to be healthy in Christ. Shalom and Prosperity be unto you.


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