Debt Cancellation

I was dealing with a substantial debt that I wanted to clear my name from. I had been praying about it and asking God to make a way. Well, Apostle Emma Dickens spoke a word in service about two weeks ago at the American Legion and I grabbed hold onto that word. The word that she spoke at the American Legion was that God was getting ready to wipe a debt that someone had …clear.

I continued to pray and said Lord it’s in your hands. I never lost faith; instead I increased my giving.

Well, I went into my office at work on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 and called the creditor to do a settlement for the substantial amount that was due. I was told by the creditor to not worry about the balance and that it would be reported as paid and closed. I rose up in my seat and said to the creditor… “Did you say I do not have to pay the debt and it will be cleared? He replied and said yes you do not have to pay it! I started stomping my feet and praising God right in my office!!! The word came back to me and I heard Apostle Emma Dickens voice speak and say “Didn’t I tell you I was going to wipe that debt clear?”

When I say this was a substantial amount…I really mean this was a substantial amount!!! Nobody but God allowed this to happen for me and my family.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to LISTEN and take in the word because Apostle Emma S. Dickens is a TRUE Prophet!


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