Release – Job Promotion

Greetings Apostle,

God has blessed me so much since I been in K.E.M. ministry.  Through the teachings, BET, Sunday Services, Leadership meetings, letters, etc.  I learned things that I never knew.  When God sent you to Williamston, NC one person that I knew was on God’s mind and that was me.  It’s been 16 years that I worked my job and I always had a fear of leaving.  To be honest, I felt I could not do better.  But as I set under the teachings, that fear broke.  On January 22, 2017, you preached a message “You Quit Too Soon – Your release was on the way”.  As you were preaching you spoke these words:

“Your Release:  Sometimes your release is a promotion.  The reason God hasn’t released you is because the person sitting in the office is just holding the seat for you that is your office.  You are going to come back and tell me that I didn’t know I was going to be in this position”.

Apostle, it happened just like you said it would.  One job came open at the plant in Hamilton and I applied for it.  I had the interview, talked a little about the job, but the rest was leadership training from you.  I waited and didn’t hear anything.  They were still trying to decide and it had been two weeks or more.  So, a job came open at the Corporate Office in Greenville. I felt it was out of my league but I felt my spirit saying apply, so I did.  I applied, had the interview that Thursday.  Before I went in the interview I called Big Bro and his reply was, it’s already done. I received notice that I got the job that Monday morning. The VP called back to my job that Friday and said that she wanted me.  Apostle, I knew some of the people that applied had way more education than me.  As I was thinking, I could hear you saying, son you just graduated from the Institution of Higher Learning (with honors).  Now I’m at the main office sitting at a desk working.  Apostle, I didn’t know I would be working here. To God Be The Glory!  I thank God for you and K.E.M. The word works!  Again, thank God for you, Shalom!


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