Stretched Hands & Receive

Greetings Apostle,

Hands! Hands! Hands!  I was going through some old notes from the first service in 2016 (Jan. 3) and I came across the word hands.  And for some reason the word hands stuck out to me.  I found it so ironic that we started the year out with hands and ended the year with hands.  On Jan. 3, 2016, you were telling us about the Walmart experience. As I reread the prophecy that went forth over your and the ministry’s life from the lady in Walmart the word “hands” stuck out to me. In the prophecy, you told us that the lady told you to put your hands in her hands and that God said, “Give me everything you can’t handle and I will take it”.  Then you expounded upon this statement and told us, “If we remember it is not about us, He can increase in us. If we learn to decrease, then He can increase the blessings in our life.  In fact, the blessings will overrun and over take us, so we won’t have to go looking and searching for it.”

Now look how the prophecy lined up.  At the end of the year (Nov. 23, 27, 2016), you told us to stretch forth our hands and get ready for our handful.  In fact, we will be able to own where we have gleaned.  The prophecy has come full circle.  From being humble, decreasing, not being afraid to serve, and get our hands dirty in gleaning in the fields to now stretching forth our hands and receiving our handful.  We don’t have to run and chase our blessings down.  All we have to do is stick out our hand and receive.  All because we have decreased and He has increased.  And not only that, we know we are going to be blessed because the plans have been in his hands all the time.  I am so in awe of how God fulfills Himself and subtly reminds us that He has done so. Thank you for the teachings!


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