Supernatural Blessings – Car & House

We give honor to God and our Senior Pastor. We are so grateful for all the teaching, love, and support that she has given us. We could not have made it this far without the Word that has been going forth and applying it to our lives.

We would like to start by reflecting on last year (2016). It was a rough year, but we made it by the Grace of God. During the beginning of the year, around March, I was vacuuming our apartment and was thinking to myself, “Lord, should we stay here in this apartment, it’s fine with me. It’s a nice place.” We had a small apartment, no furniture but we were thankful for it as if it was a house.

The next day, I went to Sunday Service and Apostle called me up to the front and told me, “God said get some boxes and praise God for the house He is going to bless you with!” I was shocked because I never told anyone about the thought that I had the day before. Only God knew my conversation with him. I know that Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens is a true prophet. I praised God for my future blessing.  I didn’t have any boxes, so In obedience, we went to buy some boxes! We were going to make sure that we followed the instructions God gave to Apostle.

October came, and we believed that it was time to go and get pre-approved for the home. We prayed and believed God, and we were pre-approved for a home.  We were so excited that we were approved, then the unexpected happened. I hit a deer on the way to work and my car was declared a total loss. We went to the bank still believing God. To make a long story short, God did it! We were financed for the car loan and the house! To God be the glory! This was unheard of.  Apostle spoke in the service to Expect the Supernatural, and God did just that!


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