Healed Instantly by the Word of the Prophet

Greetings Apostle,

I am writing to share my miracle that I received during the Gathering of the Prayer Warriors.  On that Wednesday, I started feeling really bad (I had a tight feeling in my chest area and tingling in my left arm). I expressed to my wife how I was feeling and she tried her hardest to make me go to the Emergency Room, however I didn’t want to go because I had committed myself to be in service, so I promised her if I felt the same after service I would adhere to her orders to seek medical attention.

During the service the Prophet spoke a word directly to my spirit that said “Don’t just be healed but be made whole”.  Apostle I have to let you know, Hallelujah; instantly my chest loosened up and the tightness went away, my arm stopped tingling and I felt fine right away.  I called my doctor Thursday to schedule an appointment but  couldn’t be seen until Friday morning.  I went knowing what God had already done. They checked my blood pressure four times only for it to be a perfect 110/80 every time on both sides of my body.  I discussed with my doctor how I felt that Wednesday afternoon and she said, based off all the symptoms I had, I was either on the onset of having or had a heart attack.  They did blood work and even with all the tests they couldn’t find anything wrong at all.

All I can say is Lord I thank you for being in a place where there’s a woman of God who not only declares the word but stands on it with and for the people of God.  Shalom!



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