God Did It

God Bless Apostle, it’s a joy to write something to you of what you prophesied in my life and God turned around and did it. I went through a reduction in force, meaning that it wasn’t enough work for the staff they had. For whatever reason, I wasn’t sad or upset about it, because God had already prepared me when they haven’t assigned me a room since school started. One 4th Sunday, you preached “When the Odds are Against Us”, no one knew that I was looking for a new job. When I was on duty 4th Sunday in August, you were touching and agreeing with us at the altar. I came to the altar and all you said to me was 3 days and in 3 days I received an email from the school I interviewed in the summer for a position I was qualified for. They gave the position to someone else but told me of another position they needed someone for. I wasn’t sure of the requirements for lateral entry, but the district ended up hiring one. One week and a half later I received another email from the same principal and said they need a SED (Special Education) teacher assistant. She said that she thought I would be a good fit for that class and she wanted me to come observe all day.

At the end of the day, the teacher wanted me, and was eager for the principal to get my paperwork to the county office. I have signed my paperwork and I am back in Pitt County Schools, finally where I know God will get the Glory out of. The most amazing thing about God you taught us is, to be specific in our prayer and be faithful! I asked God when I lost my job on the 28th to please give me 30 days to regroup. My desire was to get back in asap! I signed my paperwork on the 26th of October and I started on the 30th of October! The number 30!! God is Amazing and He had a plan! Jeremiah 29:11

~ JD


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