Faith In Action – Fighting Against The Odds

I had a desire to buy a home for years but I had to consider many things. Through the teaching from Apostle, I decided to use my present circumstance as motivation. As a result, I refused to move into another rental property but decided to pursue buying a property. Prayerfully and quietly, I began my journey to owing my own home. I applied the Word that went forth and after seeking G-d and using wisdom, I began to evaluate my credit. I researched ways to improve my credit and started strategically saving. I was denied 3 times before being preapproved. A couple months later I prayed and went back to the first bank that denied me and…..I was preapproved! To G-d be the Glory!

Two of the main things that I asked God for was four bedrooms and lots of storage space. I asked God specifically for certain things and didn’t know how it was going to happen with the budget that I had but I moved forward believing God. After searching for homes with my realtor, we were unsuccessful in finding a home I liked. In the process of searching for a house, I “randomly” chose 3 additional homes to look at. We went to a third home I “randomly” choose to look at. I went in with the mindset that I wasn’t going to buy this house and I was just looking. Before we left the house that day, while standing in the driveway, God dropped in my spirit just as plain as day….sometimes we can miss out on our blessing because it’s not packaged the way we thought it would be!

Apostle Emma stated during one Morning Dew services at the Hilton in Greenville, NC that people were going to be homeowners in 2018. It was spoken that by the time we got to the end of our lesson about Job, G-d was going to turn some things around and He did just that! After a few delays, by the end of our lesson it was finally time for me to close. I got to choose my closing date and I strategically chose the seventh day of the month symbolizing completion. I did not have to put any money down, I did not pay anything at closing and walked away from closing with a check!!!!

My story is a testament to the fact that all the odds can be stacked against you and you can still rise above it all. Put feet to your faith. Put action behind your words. Don’t let fear stop you from getting all G-d has for you! This was ALL God! What man said was impossible…God said IM-possible! To G-d be ALLLLLL the Glory!!!!


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