Faith Overrides Facts

For the past few weeks I have been meditating on the topic; “Faith Overrides Facts”. In May of this year my husband and I received a letter from the IRS stating we were being audited for the past 10 years. In addition to this letter, they had already begun garnishments from my husbands pay check that same day.

During a BET(Biblical Empowerment Training), Apostle began to let us know that no matter whats going on, FAITH OVERRIDES FACTS. The fact is that the IRS said we were being audited, the fact is that the paycheck was being garnished, the fact is we still had bills that had to be paid, the facts were being represented daily. Regardless of the facts, I still had faith and even had to have faith for my husband because he had begun to feel like a failure.

During this time, the W.O.W (Women of Worth) Conference was approaching, I really wanted to attend however with all this going on I didn’t think it would be possible, so I just waiting and trusted God. God worked it out and I was able to attend the women’s conference. While attending the conference, there were vendors set up and I had begin to purchase items. My logic said, “you can’t afford it” but I trusted God because I wanted to support and also sow financially into the ministry.

After I got home from the women’s conference I checked the mail and there were 2 letters from the IRS. I laughed. I waited until I got in the house and got settled before opening the letters. The first letter was a statement. BUT THE SECOND LETTER…………..was a explanation stating the IRS was STOPPING the garnishments of wages and also REFUNDING the wages that were taken due to and error!!!!!!!!!!! FAITH OVERRIDES FACTS!!!!

I showed my husband the letter and we began to praise God for what he had done!!!!! I thank you Apostle for teaching and thank you for allowing God and the Holy Spirit to rule in your life!!!!!

~ UP


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