God as My Healer

For a while I had been experiencing physical changes in my body that was very painful and harming to me.  I was told by my primary doctor to see a rheumatologist.  I went there and he first diagnose me with a progressive form of lupus and had given me a total of eight pills to take a day.  After going back the second time and standing on the report of the Lord, I got the test results back that showed I did not have the systemic lupus after all.  I was taken off the medication.

I believe the report of the Lord.  By His stripes I am healed in Jesus name.  During one of our services you preached and taught us to trust and believe God “when the odds are against you”.  I still believe God.  I have learned to grab hold of the Word and walk in the Kingdom mindset.  I am still standing on His word.  To God be all the Glory!  Thank you Apostle for loving us enough to empower us to believe and trust God.



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