Brought out of a dark place into the light

Greetings Apostle Emma,
This letter is to inform that within the next 30 days, I will be enlisted into the Army Reserves. For the past year and a half, I tried to at least be looked at by the Air Force and when they finally looked at me they told me that I was overweight. When I was told that, I was about to give up. I thought that it was the end of my world. I then realized that it isn’t the end, it is just the beginning, because I know that when God closes one door, he opens another. What was behind the new door was a better opportunity, no prejudice thoughts, just bigger and better options. My green and gold officer is great and very encouraging. I was told that I wasn’t overweight, that I was smart enough to pass all the required test and I am still able to go to college full term. My job in the Army would be a photographer. I am going to college, well an art institute, to major in digital photography and minor in fine arts. We do not have a ROTC instructor at the time but I just know it was God to randomly bring two recruiters into our class. I was told that being in the reserves I would only have to work one weekend a month and at least two weeks a summer. This opportunity is amazing. It wouldn’t interfere with my school work nor will it interfere with church. I want to thank God for bringing me out of such a dark place and bringing me to the light. If you look at me now you most definitely will not believe what I had been through. Thank you Apostle for all your prayers. You are amazing. God Bless!!



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