Unexpected Pay Increase

Greetings Mighty Woman of God!

I appreciate you allowing the spirit of God to flow through you so that you can minister the word of God. I wanted to share with you what God allowed to take place in my life. On November 24th at our Morning Dew Service in Greenville you spoke and said: God is ready to pull you out of that situation! What is going on right now, God is getting ready to release it and bring you out of that thing. It may look like it is getting worse but it’s the hand of God that is pulling you out. This is for 20 people in here today! I immediately said (THIS IS FOR ME LORD AND MY FAMILY). You also spoke and said “Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. God will provide before I know that I need it. God has my blessing trapped for me.” You prophesied and said: Because we sacrificed yesterday (the Thanksgiving Outreach Giveaway) God is ready to release this. In the month of December your blessing will be released.

That following week (December 2nd), I was advised by my manager that the payroll department did an investigation and noticed that my current pay grade did not match my current salary and that I may receive and increase in my pay. My response was “Praise God, to God be the Glory”. I was advised that the details and increase amount had not been communicated and that I should receive an email regarding the increase.

Two weeks later no change in paystub, increase or email. I continued to keep the faith and believe God. I remembered when you talked about the Faith Blockage on Sunday, December 22nd so I said Lord let your will be done and I took my focus off it. During that next week, I looked at my paystub, my salary was increased by an extra $7,000. Over my years of being employed with this company pay increase are normally $1.00 more an hour. This pay increase was by $4 an hour! Tell me that was not God.

This was not the norm for a pay increase to take place in the month of December at my job. We have gone several years without receiving a pay increase. I was the only person that received an increase. I started giggling to myself and said Lord you are an amazing God to apply your own policy based off my faithfulness and willingness to give from the heart.
All I can say is when Apostle is giving us the word, we need to take it in and believe God. I see more and more what you mean by bless your shepherd and help those in need and God will supply my needs.
I love you Apostle

~Anonymous person that has been blessed!


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