No Ordinary Blessing

I would like to start by saying at the age of 14 a prophecy came forth that I would be a teacher. That was the furthest career from my mind at that time. Even throughout my time in college, I had no desire to get a degree in this field. There was no way I wanted to be a teacher. After graduating college a door was opened at at a school and I was given the opportunity to work as an Instructional Support; not even realizing that this was the gateway into the career God had predestined for me. After working as Instructional Support, I moved on into having my own classroom (being a teacher), this is when I fell in love with being a teacher. Although I was in the field of my purpose there were still state requirements that needed to be met. I still had to become fully licensed in the field in which I desired to teach.

Most programs usually run between four to five thousand dollars. The school district that I am currently in, gave us the opportunity to become licensed through an alternative program. This particular program agreed to pay 75% of the original cost. Total cost being $4,000.00, they would pay $3,000.00, leaving me a balance of only 25%, $1,000.00. This sounded like music to my ears. Before I could be accepted into the program I had to pass a test allowing me to get a license in the field I was desiring to teach. I prayed and asked God to provide me the opportunity to be a part of this program and to pass the test. I took the test but did not pass, I missed it by two points. Therefore I didn’t do the application because I knew that I did not meet the requirements. I accepted the facts that were laid out before me and began to look at other programs in which I would have to come out of pocket with more money. One morning I got a phone call from my district, informing me that I had been accepted into the original program (the one I was not qualified to be in, the one in which I did not even turn in an application for). The call said I had to come in and sign my agreement and I would start my coursework the following week.

Look at God, I can say that this ain’t no ordinary blessing. I asked God, well Lord if you were going to make a way for me to get into the program why not grant me the knowledge to pass the exam. He let me know that it was because He could get all the glory and that I would know that it was not because of my doing. It was all God. To God be all of the Glory!



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